WPRB-FM 10-3-2008

Ken and Mike represented the band on Friday, October 3rd, 2008 to help our friend (and fellow noisemaker) Dr. Cosmo say goodbye to New Jersey, as this was his very last show from Princeton before he moves to Washington state. We're honored to have been asked to be the "house band" for the event. Nocturnal Transmissions will continue to be heard on WPRB, but as a remote broadcast from the great Northwest!

We too, likely won't be visiting the 103.3 studios again any time soon either, so it was a bit sad to say goodbye to a place where we'd created so much music and memories over the years.

With Rob, Glenn, and Jim's absent (due to the late notice and prior commitments), this was the first time that Ken and Mike would play together as a duo (though we'd collaborated together a few times with other musicians), so we didn't know what to expect. We launched into a single 1.5 hour-long jam, which was heavily rhythmic and sequence-based, with lots of rapid arpeggios and syncopated madness. We recorded the whole show, so stay tuned for a new CD, tentatively titled "Electronic Memory."

Funny thing is, we had both agreed that we'd "travel light" for this show, which means "bring as few pieces of gear as possible." Looking at the photos below, I know you're thinking "THAT'S what they call traveling LIGHT?!" C'mon, we did leave the guitars home! ;-)

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