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HI, StatiKen here! Here's where you'll find news and commentary on what's cooking here at BS Central Command. Mostly I'll just be using this page to let our friends and fans know when significant updates are made to the website. Lots of content (music and photos) is being added weekly, so watch this space! BTW, please don't hesitate to let me know if I broke something here too! ;-)

Upgrade pains

Because I'm such a web design newbie, my recent upgrade from Sandvox 1 to Sandvox 2 has been a bumpy one. I'm still trying to figure out a few of the new features the software has to offer, but I've also had to update and modify a few page elements that didn't smoothly convert to the new version's specs. If you happen to see any glaring problems, please please please drop me a line. A major site overhaul is in the works too, but don't hold your breath!

Spring 2011 updates

We added an actual Facebook sidebar to the main page that links directly to our revised band page there. A few new links to our latest videos and a few bits of housecleaning, and that's it!

Added photos, music, and a new logo!

Now that the new version of the website is stable, I've begun to add more stuff. There are now quite a few photo albums added, including our latest concert in New Hope. I've also added sound clips from our Live in Philadelphia CD. 

Finally, of course you've noticed the new Brainstatik icon and logo on the top of every page. I challenged my art-school son (and #1 roadie and lighting tech) Kyle to come up with a new look to go along with the new site, and I'm very happy with the results. The abstract "head" icon really communicates the "static on the brain" suggestion I gave him, without using anything obvious like lighting bolts coming out of a brain! ...And it'll look great on t-shirts and posters! 

2008 Site Re-Design Unleashed

After many weeks of work, and many years of delay, I've finally taken steps to redesign our incredibly-lame and old-fashioned 1990s-era website. No, it still likely won't look like state-of-the-art, Flash-intensive eye candy for the foreseeable future, but it's MUCH easier to update and maintain than the original version. I will be enlisting son Kyle's expertise to add some of the fancier stuff as the site progresses. Stay tuned...

Anyway, most of the pages are up or almost up, but there may be some gaps or broken links for a little while, especially in the Photo section, where I'm re-sorting and organizing 13+ years of photos from the band's many adventures. I'm finding stuff that's been lost for years on various hard drives, so it's pretty interesting to rediscover and revisit the long history of Brainstatik. Sorting it all out is what's taking some time; figuring out the chronology of a stray photos is sometimes a real challenge!

By the way, almost all of the band's video clips have already been migrated to our YouTube page and my personal YouTube page for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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