Sarnoff Library 12-15-2007

As part of the Electromusic Chamber Orchestra event at the David Sarnoff Library in Princeton, NJ, Brainstatik played a single 45-minute set, before joining Xeroid Entity and Kip Rosser for an all-star jam. I'm sure a bunch of pictures exist of us playing (we saw people taking them!), but all we have are after-shows photos of all the participants posing! We have videos of the whole  Brainstatik set posted on our YouTube page. A mystery person from Sarnoff shot the whole second set in HD, but we've never gotten hold of it. We got a glimpse of it as this person played it back on a HUGE plasma screen after the show, so we know it exists... and it looked great!!! Hopefully we'll track it down someday! On a side note, the Library auditorium probably was the most-perfect acoustic space we've ever played in! But what did we expect from the RCA scientists and engineers who brought us radio and television!

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