Jim Silvestri


playing...sooo many bass guitars


Jim Silvestri divides his time between Wood-Ridge & Cape May, NJ has been playing bass for over 30 years. His palette includes various fretted and unfretted basses including a Benavente doublenecked 8 string/Fretless. The instruments combined with an efficient effects rack allow Jim to provide a grinding rhythm or a symphonic bottom to suit the various flavors and frequencies of Brainstatik. Jim started his musical career with the classic rock band Rushlight in the mid 70s. He has also appeared on bass and archtop guitar with The John Michel Orchestra, The Stardreamers, The All Star Jazz Orchestra and was a founding member of the progressive rock band Ghosts on the Skyline. Jim's solo composition for MIDI Chapman Stick & Warr Guitar, "No Fanfare For A Fallen King" was released as part of the Yes tribute album, "All Good People" and the "2004 Stickwire Compilation Album".

Jim maintains the band's MySpace page, and has gotten us over 2000 "friends" there!

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